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Dear Friend of Linden,

We would like to extending warmest congratulations to the Linden community, at home in Guyana and abroad.

The Linden Fund USA, Canada and Guyana extend hearty congratulations to the many scores of Lindenites, our friends and supporters, who helped collect and funnel to the Linden, Guyana community, millions in contributions, (in cash and kind) over the years.

Over time, the potential of the Linden Fund, as an important development catalyst for the Linden, Guyana community has been clearly demonstrated. However, if we are to provide prompt and effective help as Linden strives to become a bustling and prosperous town once again, we will need to strengthen the catalyst!

In order to do this, we will need to pay careful attention to each of the following three areas immediately:

  • Let us regard fundraising as an activity that is ongoing throughout the year, and as an activity for which each current Linden Fund supporter has some responsibility. I ask each supporter not only to keep annual dues-payment current, but to agree also to bring in one new member each year. Your membership contributions have a greater impact than you might imagine, since large foundations and corporations often use “size of members' contributions” as one of their grant-making criteria.
  • Attend as many Linden Fund events as possible, and bring along a relative, friend or supporter each time. This will help strengthen the entire Linden Fund organization.
  • Freely share your ideas regarding fund raising and your thoughts on the most urgent needs of Linden at organization meetings, by email, or by mail. Through this interactive process, the various Fund Boards will be guided as they make crucial decisions on how to allocate support  for our hometown.

We believe that if we follow these three steps, fundraising will be rewarding and fun, and that our collective plans for Linden will be both timely and relevant. Please show your continuing commitment to Linden by returning your personal contribution today.

As friends and supporters, you are encouraged to make annual contributions that will help sustain ongoing projects. These yearly dollars provide a renewable source of revenue that helps to facilitate the proper planning of projects and funded initiatives in Linden.

You may elect to join any one of the 3 international entities that comprise the Linden Fund at any time of year, since our membership drives are year-round. An annual, targeted membership solicitation begins in the first quarter of each year, but you are free to sign up for membership at any time.

The Fund continues to be good stewards of your financial and in-kind contributions, and you can view your dollars at work .

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