2011 Projects and Initiatives of the Linden Fund

Rental and maintenance of Linden Fund Office in Guyana – Office is located at the old Sprostons building, now called the Linden Business Centre, and is owned by the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP) - a Linden Fund partner in multiple projects. The Fund occupies Suite 1 at 97-98 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie. (Opened in May 2005)

LF-sponsored Medical Mission – The Fund has sponsored teams of medical professionals including physicians, certified nurses and a social workers to provide free medical attention for the people of Linden and Region 10 who have limited access to such services. This year the Fund in collaboration with OMAT’s will continue it’s goodwill from July 10 - 15 . (Started in April-May 2007)

Nursery School Backpack Program – Coomacka and West Watoka nurseries are amoung the school air marked to receive backpacks Two nursery schools on the Wismar-Christianburg shore and two nurseries in Mackenzie will benefit from the organization’s backpack (bookbag) donations. Students will be presented with backpacks, filled with school supplies, including pencils, crayons, play dough and some preschool activity books. The Fund plans to make this an annual program. (Launched in April 2009 as an annual program)

Community Activities – Motivational visits to schools by LF members and professionals when in Linden, especially for Town week.Health & Wellness Lectures. (Ongoing)

Annual Teachers Workshop – Three-day Educational Workshop conducted during Linden Town Week for teachers and administrators to meet outside of the classroom to discuss matters relating to the education of Linden students. (Ongoing program started in 2006)

Visiting Nurse Service – To allow for the provision of medical and social visitation and other services for senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWD), and others regarded as ‘shut-ins’. To be arranged and conducted in partnership with the Linden Care Foundation, as well as through collaboration with the beneficiaries’ kin. (Planned initiation in August 2011)

Adopt-A-Child Program in collaboration with the Linden Care Foundation – This initiative supports children in a nutritional and life skills enhancement program. (Started in 2006 as annual program)

Primary School Spelling Bee Competition – To offer students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and use and command of words, while in a competitive yet friendly rivalry for prizes. (Started in 2008 as annual program)

R. A. Adams Memorial Scholarship – Annual scholarship sponsored by LFU’s Dr. Keith Seaforth, and established to support one female and one male student in Grade Six at both Regma Primary and St. Aidan’s Primary schools, preparing for the Secondary Schools Entrance Examinations (SSEE). (Ongoing program, begun in 2006)

Anthony S. Tim Memorial Scholarship Fund – Annual scholarship fund sponsored by Linden Fund Canada’s Bert Bacchus for two students at the Christianburg-Wismar Multilateral School. (Ongoing program started in 2004 and managed by the LFC)

UG Scholarships offered by the Linden Fund – Under the sponsorship of the Fund, youths from Linden can apply for scholarships to attend the University of Guyana, in 4-year programs for baccalaureate degrees and diplomas. (Program started in September 2002)

Annual Vocational Studies Scholarship Program – The Fund will launch a new scholarship initiative for Linden youths to pursue courses at technical and other vocational education institutions.

Annual SUMMER TUTORING PROGRAM – In collaboration with the Linden Care Foundation, the Fund arranges tutoring clinics for primary school students who require additional academic support based on assessments by their respective head teachers. (Ongoing program in Jul-Aug, started in 2004)

Women’s Empowerment Forum – (Ongoing program started in 2010)

Psychiatric Nursing Seminar – In collaboration with the Women Of Mission Intl, Nurses, PCA’s and security officers will receive training in patient care and overall management of the mentally challenged.(Ongoing program started 2011)



Email: lfu_secretary (at) lindenfund.org

Office: PO Box12057- Brooklyn, NY 11212.

Phone/Fax: 718-345-0950

Website: http://www.lindenfund.org

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