2006 Projects and Initiatives of the Linden Fund

2006 PROJECTS & INITIATIVES of THE LINDEN FUND (All contributions are in Guyana $$) Rental of Linden Fund Office & Salary of Office Manager – office located at the old Sprostons Building, later GNEC Building. Now called the Linden Business Centre, owned by the Linden Economic Advancement Programme, a Linden Fund partner in multiple projects, the Fund occupies Suite 1, at 97-98 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie. (Opened in May 2005) BACK to LINDEN TRIP for TOWN WEEK 2006 – the Fund participated in a massive drive to attract visitors to Linden for the annual celebration of the Town’s renaming in April 29, 1971. A number of community-wide and special Linden Fund events are planned an executed. (April-May 2005) The Adopt-a-Child Program in collaboration with the Linden Care Foundation, an established non-governmental organization in Linden funded by various international aid agencies. The AAC is an ambitious program to support approximately 300 kids over 5 years, in a nutritional enhancement and life-skills program, with the Pilot program, involving 20 kids. (MOU signed in April 2006 and Pilot program to be launched in August 2006) $2.2 Million in annual UG Scholarships offered by the Linden Fund – a total of 7 youths from Linden are currently enrolled at the University of Guyana, in 4-year programs, under the sponsorship of the Fund. (Program began in September 2002) Annual SUMMER TUTORING PROGRAM – in collaboration with the Linden Care Foundation. Under this program, the Fund’s UG & A’Level/CAPE Scholars with additional help of Peace Corps volunteers tutor primary school students who require additional academic support and who were identified by the respective Primary School head teachers. (Ongoing program that runs from July – August and which began in 2004) $260,000 support for A’ Level/CAPE scholars pursuing advanced studies. Each year, at least one A’Level/CAPE Scholar is awarded a scholarship to pursue 2-year advanced level study at specified high schools in Linden & Georgetown. (Ongoing program, began in 2003) $275,000 Scholarships, stipulated by donor, for ongoing student and teacher incentives at Mackenzie High School. (Ongoing program) Annual Holiday Toy Drive - shipment of toys to Linden, for a Kids’ Xmas Party in a targeted area of the community. The 2005 Xmas party was held in Coomacka. (December 2006) $40,000 “Anthony S. Tim Scholarship Fund”- annual scholarship, sponsored by Linden Fund Canada’s Bert Bacchus, of Richmond Hill, Ontario, for 2 students at the Multilateral School. (Ongoing program, began in 2004)
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