2005 Projects and Initiatives of the Linden Fund

(All contributions are in Guyana $)

Photocopier handover to Hospital and Region 10 Clinics! $44.2 Million worth of medical supplies, shipped in a 40-foot container for the Linden Hospital Complex & Region 10 Outreach Program clinics; donated & shipped by our continuing partner, All God’s Little Children, Inc, a Georgia-based non-profit.  Members of the Regional Administration and the Linden Hospital Complex were on hand to receive the donation.
(August 2005)

$1.4 Million donation for Guyana FLOOD RELIEF – to the Region #10 Disaster Relief Committee – for support of displaced flood victims, who were relocated to Linden. (January 2005)

$480,000 annual appropriation for opening & rental of Linden Fund Office & hiring of Business Manager – office located at the Linden Business Centre, 97-98 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie. (May 2005)

Linden Fund UG Scholars at Town Hall Ceremony!$2.2 Million in UG Scholarships offered by the Linden Fund in 2005 – a total of 7 youths from Linden are currently enrolled at the University of Guyana, under the sponsorship of the Fund. (Ongoing)

1st BACK to LINDEN Trip – celebrating Town Day 2005 – the Fund participated in a number of community activities, including sponsoring a week-long soccer tournament, making medical donations and dedicating a reading Corner at the Mackenzie Hospital, providing a catered luncheon for senior citizens at the Dorfolk Home, visits and donations to Linden Care Foundation and Linden Children Development Center, motivational visits to 3 high schools and hosting its first Town Day booth on Republic Avenue. (April-May 2005)

$2.2 Million Program for the Poor – stipulated donations to Assemblies of God Church, Blueberry Hill. (Ongoing)

Photocopier handover to Linden Library! $560,000 Photocopier donation to Linden Library, in collaboration with the Mackenzie International Reunion (MIR) (MIR) committee in Toronto, Canada which funded the purchase of the copier– to serve the copying needs of the entire community, and especially those students preparing for CXC examinations.(April 2005)

$275,000 Scholarships, stipulated by donor, for ongoing student and teacher incentives at Mackenzie High School. (Ongoing)

$420,000 annual SUMMER TUTORING PROGRAM – in which primary school students who require additional academic support and who were identified by the respective Primary School head teachers, are tutored by the Fund’s UG & A’Level/CAPE scholars. (July 2005)

$260,000 support for A’ Level/CAPE scholars attending MHS & QC.  Each year, at least one A’Level/CAPE Scholar is awarded a scholarship to pursue the 2-year advanced level study at specified high schools in Linden & Georgetown. (Ongoing)

Conference & workshop participants!$250,000 Day-long Community Conference, in collaboration with Linden Youth Vision, and co-sponsored by the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP) at the Linden Constabulary Hall, attended by over 200 persons, including youths, pastors, community leaders, NGO representatives. (April 2005)

$200,000 photocopier & cabinet donation to the Linden Fund Office - officially opened in a ceremony attended by the Regional Administration, Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP), members of Linden Youth Vision, and the press.
(August 2005)

$155,000 co-sponsorship with the British High Commission (which was the major donor) in a combined $4 million G dollar project to upgrade the computers and install new physical work stations at the Resource Unit for the Visually Impaired, housed at the Wismar Hill Primary School. Other co-sponsors were: Linden Technical Institute, Volunteer Service Overseas and the regional Democratic Council.  (November 2005)

Kids$120,000 Annual Holiday Toy Drive - shipment of toys to Linden, for a Kids’ Xmas Party in a targeted area of the community.  The 2005 Xmas party was held in Coomacka. (December 2005)

$75,000 donation of TV, VCR, tapes, children’s books, toy chest and toys to the Pediatric Ward of the Mackenzie Hospital– the Linden Fund UG & A’Level scholars participated in the handover. (August 2005)

$53,000 G worth of reference textbooks donated to the Linden Library, for the use of students preparing for CXC examinations. (November 2005)

$40,000 “Anthony S. Tim Scholarship Fund”- annual scholarship, sponsored by Linden Fund Canada’s Bert Bacchus, of Richmond Hill, Ontario, for 2 students at the Multilateral School. (Ongoing)

Multi-phase Furniture & Manufacturing Project Building on the successful Phase 1 of the furniture project, the Fund is investigating the feasibility of acquiring land and building a furniture factory.(Planning stage)

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