2003 Projects and Initiatives of the Linden Fund

(All contributions are in Guyana $)

LFU Chair Vincent Adams hands over supplies to Hospital personnel40-foot Container of Medical Equipment for the Linden Hospital Complex donated by MedShare International of GA (a non-profit organization that deals with surplus medical supplies and equipment). The contents of the 40-foot container bound for distribution to the hospitals in Mackenzie, Wismar and Ituni, have a market value of $85.5 million. Items include hospital beds, storage cabinets, stretchers, IV sets, examination tables, waste receptacles, carts, trays, thousands of gloves, sutures and syringes, among hundreds of other hospital items.
(Handover of container to Linden Hospital Complex in April 2003)

Year 2 of the $3.8M, 4-yr University of Guyana LFU/Morgan Scholarship program – sponsored by Denis Morgan, a Guyanese (non-Lindener). Two students from Linden, who are enrolled at the university, continue to receive funding for full tuition, books, room & board and transportation annually for 4 years, starting with the September 2002 term. Under a service component of the scholarships, award recipients will provide tutoring to students, including preparing them for the CXC and other examinations in Linden during the summer break as well as perform other community service. Award recipients receive a monthly stipend, during the summer, of approximately $20,000 for this service.

Year 1 of another $3.8M, 4-yr University of Guyana LFU scholarship (2 additional students received this award in 2003). LFU has committed to adding at least 1 student annually to its ongoing scholarship program to enable qualified, needy Lindenites to gain enrollment at the University of Guyana. (All criteria, as developed above, apply.)

$¼ M (approx. $240,000) GCE Advanced Level Studies 2-yr Scholarship – awarded to Yonnette Walton, an MHS student who passed 9 subjects, with 9 Grade Ones at the 2002 CXC Examination, a record for MHS. She is pursuing her GCE A’Levels at MHS.

$? M ( approx 320,000) GCE Advanced Level studies 2 yr Scholarship – awarded to Deon Anderson, a former MHS student who passed 10 subjects, with 7 Grade Ones at the 2003 CXC Examination, topping Region 10. He is pursuing his GCE A’Levels at Queens’ College.

2 Computers, 2 color printers and all peripherals donated to the Christianburg Primary School. (August 2003)

Medical Humanitarian Mission by UNITED HANDS – a team of US Medical and Health personnel, on a one-week visit to the town of Linden to participate in health fairs and community outreach. Providing lectures to the students of Charles Roza School of Nursing and the Regional Health Ministry are also planned. (Scheduled for Easter week in April 2003) – POSTPONED due to unrest in Linden)

Multi-phase Furniture & Manufacturing Project: Building on the successful Phase 1of the furniture project, LFU is investigating the feasibility of acquiring land and building a factory to manufacture commercial furniture and wood products of all types for local and national consumption and export. (In the planning stage)

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