2002 Projects and Initiatives of the Linden Fund

(All contributions are in Guyana $)

Picture of desks being manufacturedPhase 1 - $1,000,000 (MILLION) Linden School Furniture Project. This phase is the “R.A. Adams Memorial” which provided uniform sets of furniture to several classrooms in 5 Linden schools, for the beginning of the September 2002 term. The schools are: New Silvercity Secondary, Wisburg Secondary, Multilateral Secondary, MHS & Linden Foundation, which received furniture based on need and increased student enrollment.   
A formal handover, attended by the widow of R.A. Adams, Regional Education Ministry personnel and others, was held at LTI in September 2002. All 405 pieces of furniture: chairs, desks and combination chair/attached top, were produced from local wood at the Linden Technical Institute (LTI), formerly the Trade School.

$3.8M, 4-yr University of Guyana LFU/Morgan Scholarship program – sponsored by Denis Morgan, a Guyanese (non-Lindener). Two students from Linden, enrolled at the University of Guyana, receive funding for full tuition, books, room & board and transportation annually for 4 years, starting with the September 2002 term. Under a service component of the scholarships, award recipients will provide tutoring to needy students, including preparing them for the CXC and other examinations in Linden during the summer break, as well as perform other community service. Award recipients receive a monthly stipend, dur ing the summer, of approximately $20,000 for this service. LFU will add two scholarships in 2003 and at least one annually, for the foreseeable future.

$90,000 MHS scholarships – The Marjorie & Albert Davidson Scholarship, sponsored by the Rev. Charles “Tommy” Davidson & wife Maureen as a memorial to his parents. Scholarships are awarded to two students who must maintain a B average or better throughout school to remain recipients. (Ongoing annual scholarship - began in 2001)

$180,000 educational scholarships – disbursed by the Headmistress and the administration on a “needs” basis to several students at the Mackenzie High School, from stipulated donated funds. (Ongoing annual program)

$640,000 Church Program for the Poor – stipulated donations to the Assemblies of God Church in Blueberry Hill, Wismar. (Ongoing program)

2 Scanners and 2 Computers donated, with the Watooka Day School to receive the Peter & Saldene Lyte computer donation. (Delivered in September 2002)

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