Nutritional Enhancement Program

Linden Care Foundation, in partnership with the Linden Fund, executes a Nutritional Enhancement Program three days a week for twenty children (20) in an initial Adopt-A-Child Pilot Program, to be expanded to 300 children over 5 years.

This Nutritional Enhancement Program is intended serve the following clientele:

* Preparation Dry food hamperChildren aged 3 years 9 months to 11 years
* Children who are orphaned
* Children who were displaced by the Flood
* Children deemed vulnerable and in a position to repeat the vicious cycle of poverty

The vulnerable group consists of:

* Street or delinquent children
* Abused children
* Truant children
* Children existing in low poverty levels, resulting in poor nutritional status

The food is given in the form of packages that are delivered to their homes by Community Facilitators, picked up by parents or guardians or utilized by the child right at the Foundation.

The foregoing situations are dependent on the existing circumstances of children e.g. whether they live far away from the center, if it is necessary to ensure that the specific child that is being catered for under the Program gets the meal or if there is need to ensure that the parent or guardian makes contact with the Foundation for other reasons.

Preparation Dry food hamperThe Program consists of one meal daily, consisting of:

* A nutritionally well balanced meal
* A nutritionally well balanced snack
* A children’s treat

The Nutritional Enhancement Program is headed by a Nutritionist, and four Diet Hands who are responsible for the preparation of menus, etc.

Within the parameters of this Pilot Program and the ensuing full program, training is made available for all involved, to include parents/guardians, stressing the importance of nutrition.  It is also in preparation for transition to self reliance, so that families can be educated in the preparation of nutritional diets, after they have left the Program.

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