Life Skills program


Linden Care Foundation, in partnership with the Linden Fund, has developed Life Skills Sessions for its Adopt-A-Child Pilot Program and the ensuing full program, to benefit children that are vulnerable, in difficult economic circumstances, and underprivileged.

This Life Skills program is a comprehensive behavioral change approach that concentrates on the development of skills needed for life, such as communication, decision making, thinking, managing emotions, assertiveness, self esteem building, resisting peer pressure, personal hygiene and relationship skills.  Additionally, the program also addresses important issues related to the growth of children, as well as strengthening their value system.

The Life Skills Sessions provide general information that contributes to the development of the whole individual, so that children will have the skills to make use of all types of information, whether related to social development, formal education or health.

The objectives of the Life Skills Sessions are:


  1. To provide a forum where children would be able to talk freely about their problems, ambitions and their future.
  2. To understand the social, nutritional and educational impact on children in Linden and to find solutions to alleviate those problems.
  3. Allow children to be usefully occupied and participate in Life Skills Sessions, which eventually will prevent the cycle of high school drop-outs and social dysfunction.


Such sessions are conducted four days a week at the Foundation’s children-friendly space and the children are guided by Teacher/Councilors and Facilitators. There are two Teacher/Facilitators, who are responsible for interacting closely with the children, to observe weaknesses as well as anticipate other problems that may impede their progress.

The Life Skills approach is completely interactive, using role plays, Forum Theaters, games, puzzles, videos group discussions and a variety of other innovative teaching techniques to keep children wholly involved in the sessions.

Following the launching of the Pilot Program, continuous assessments will be conducted before the launching of the full program:


  • Networking with community leaders
  • Determining the current level of understanding of issues by community, in order to measure behavior change that might occur as a result of the Program
  • Tailor program to meet needs of children in the community
  • Continuously adjusting the goals and aims of the program to meet the immediate needs of the group


Materials are provided by the Foundation for each attending child and follow ups are done with parents to discuss progress as well as issues that arise in relation to interactions. A standard Life Skills Manual is used as one of the teaching tools


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