Revitalization Program

Revitalization Program    

The Linden Fund has mounted a robust program to shift reliance away from bauxite to other essential sectors with a multi-year goal of thousands of permanent, good-paying jobs known as the Linden Revitalization Program (LRP). Specific information on the LRP is forthcoming.

How will Revitalization Work?
The Fund will team with grassroots, multinational, and bilateral development institutions to create locally-owned new businesses with employee share. From the Linden diaspora and home base, our best and brightest technical managers teaming with resourceful entrepreneurs, will lead these innovative new businesses backed by diaspora investors, 501(c)(3) equipment donations, overseas grants, and dedicated financial support, to restore social well-being and positive society.

What Can You Do?
Scattered across the diaspora, we seek a collective voice to support and a rational path to follow. The Linden Fund meets both needs, allowing you to become a part of a long term, sustained program to return Linden to a vigorous community.

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